Items required to get you started on electronic projects

Some of the items required to work on electronic projects:

  1. Helping hands
  2. Power - supply

Power supplies can be expensive - fortunately there is a cheap alternative for a reliable power source. An old PC - power supply can be converted in a reliable tool - providing current protection and +12V, +5V +3.3V and -12 V.

See this post how to convert a PC power supply to a bench-top power supply: Converting a PC Power Supply

Sources for disused power supplier where you should be able to pick-up a decent power supply between R50,00 and R100,00:

  1. Screw drivers
  2. Bread-board
  3. Bread-board jumper wires ( Round PIN ) or ( Square PIN, recommended)
  4. Side cutter & pliers
  5. Multi-meter – preferably one where you can test conductivity audible

For those interested in learning to work with micro controllers (Arduino) we have the following kit available (click here) which contains items such as Arduino board, multiple sensors, LEDs stepper motor etc.

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