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Samsung Galaxy Tab- Thursday, 10 May 2012

I have been using my Samsung I780 for almost 5 years now - I have managed to keep the firmware and software up-to-date and I was able to-do most things I thought where sufficient for my communications needs - it supports Skype, 3G, has a Swype interface and GPS.

BUT it was getting slow and buggy - missing calls, GPS not working at times when it was most needed. So I went onto Gumtree saw a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, negotiated the price and now I am the proud owner of one of the next generation Samsung devices.

In one word FANTASTIC, it is fast, reliable, supports my Gmail and Exchange accounts with Push email, and uses Google Maps. It also talks to my Plex home entertainment system (through DLNA) and the Plex App is only about R50,- Using a free Ubuntu One account I can also have access to all my documents with automatic synchronisation.

However I shortly found out it doesn’t support making calls (other then Skype and Google Talk). So back to Gumtree and few hours later found a Galaxy Y. I only want to make calls with the phone and the occasional other little nifty little apps. The price is low - about the quarter of the price than my second in line - the Galaxy SII - but I'll use the tab for keyboard & screen intensive work - much easier.

Back to the app store to try out Plex on the Y - download and install (since I already purchased it for my Tab I didn’t have to pay for it again) and now I can watch my movies and series on my Y - small - not very useful – but very cool and impressive.

Some usefull links:

Ps Ubuntu One is free for storage up to 5GB.

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