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Plex Media Center- Thursday, 31 May 2012

This post is not about electronics components nor software development or microcontrollers. Instead its about a fantastic software package called Plex Media Center.

Over the years I have used a variety of Media Center software – it started out with MythTV – which I used to record television programs from DSTV. It supports ad skipping & automatically downloads DSTV program schedules. Together with an IR remote it can switch channels and records shows, movies or series on your PC – you simply choose what to download through the scheduler.

I grew my collection of movies and MythTV’s support was lacking in that respect so I switched to XBMC. XBMC is great – it support automatic downloading of movies & series descriptions – I have used it for nearly 2 years. Then I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Tab and found XBMC support not having an Android client. That’s when I found Plex it has a free (Ubuntu, Windows & MAC) server platform and free Windows client platform. For the Android client I paid approximately R50,- ( this entitles me to install it on my tab and on my Galaxy Y phone). It also has iPhone/iPad support.

A great feature is that Plex also supports DLNA – so your newer generation TV’s can talk directly to Plex.

Use Ember Media Manager to clean-up & rename movies (or series). Personally I prefer to use to clean-up & rename series – it does a much better job then Ember.


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