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3 Pin Buckled Connector For Electronic Bricks (10 PCs Pack)

Buckled connector used in Arduino sensor shield and chassis. Use it to build your own electronic bri...

4 Pin Molex Connector - Straight

The 4-pin Molex connector is pretty standard for disk drives and things like that but it's al...


4 way crimp terminal housing,1mm pitch, JST SH

Crimp socket housing with protrusions on a 1mm pitch, which accept pre-terminated crimped leads

5V/3.3V Bread Board Power Supply

The power supply directly takes power from DC wall plug and outputs a selectable 5V or 3.3V regulate...

9V DC Battery Power Cable Barrel Jack Connector

Connect your Arduino to a 9V battery with this handy cable.

Alligator Test Leads - Multicolored 10 Pack

Alligator clips (or Crocodile clips, if you prefer) are likely to be the most useful thing on your w...

Alligator/Crocodile/Spring Clips

A staple for the electrical engineer. I can't tell you how many times I've been one clip short! Sold...
From R2,65

Arduino Stackable Header Kit - R3

These headers are made to work with the Arduino Uno R3, Leonardo and new Arduino boards going forwar...

Audio Socket - Panel Mount - 3.5mm - Mono

Audio Socket - Panel Mount  - 3.5mm - Mono

Audio Socket - Panel Mount - 3.5mm - Stereo

Audio Socket - Panel Mount  - 3.5mm - Stereo


Banana Plugs

4mm banana plugs - can be stacked.
From R4,72

Basic Bread Board - 16.5*5.5 cm

The classic breadboard.

Brass Hexagonal Spacer / Standoff

Handy spacers to mount PCB boards and/or LCD screens.
From R1,96

Break Away Female Headers

Single row of 40-holes, female header. Can be cut to size with a pair of wire-cutters. Standard .1" ...

Break Away Headers - Straight

A row of headers - break to fit. 40 pins that can be cut to any size. Used with custom PCBs or gener...

Chassis Mount Binding Posts

Binding posts are connectors commonly used on electronic test equipment to terminate (attach) a sing...
From R8,05

DIL/DIP Sockets

Useful DIL DIP sockets for your IC's.
From R0,58

Din Rail Top Hat, Slotted, 35mm x 7.5mm

DIN Rails are made from cold rolled steel that is zinc coated and passivated.
From R0,00

Du Pont Wire 40 Strand

These wires are ideal for breadboarding - the colours make it easy to assist identifying connections...
From R23,00
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