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PCB Ruler for Electronic Engineers/Geeks/Makers/Arduino Fans

The first time you soldered up a surface mount component you may have been surprised "these are real...
From R27,02

Pocket size Digital PH Meter

Pocket size Digital PH Meter

PWM Signal Generator Module 0-150kHz square wave output

PWM output, adjustable frequency and duty cycle.Frequency is divided into four ranges, which switch...

RTL-SDR with RTL2832U and R820T Tuner Receiver

DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U can be used as a cheap SDR, since the chip allows transf...

Solder Wick #2 1.5 meter

Solder wick is a composed of copper threads braided together. Flux is normally added to help the sol...

Solder Wire

Leaded solder wire - 10 meters.
From R33,64

Soldering Iron 60W

Soldering Iron 60W - 220V with EU plug.Temperature Adjustable from 200 to 400 celsius and a nice fin...
From R97,75

Tachometer 5 digits, 2.5 to 99 999 RPM

This is the DT2234C+ Digital Laser RPM Tachometer Non-Contact Measurement Tool! The housing has been...

Thermostat +Temperature Sensor

This  mini Temperature Controller is an excellent and convenient multifunction device for controllin...
From R258,75

Tweezers - Curved (ESD Safe)

To make sure we're always up to date on the latest in 'tweezing' technology, we're always buying and...

Tweezers - Straight (ESD Safe)

To make sure we're always up to date on the latest in 'tweezing' technology, we're always buying and...

USB Charger Doctor - In-line Voltage and Current Meter

Help! This patient is heating up! Is the voltage too low? Is the current draw too high? Is there a d...

USB Digital Microscope

This is a electronic microscope designed for PC solution with friendly user interface, which can be ...

Vacuum Sucking SMD Picker

Manual operation - press and release on part to create suction.

XL-830L LCD Multimeter

The XIOLE XL830L is a budget-end digital multimeter. Its main selling point is the extremely clear c...

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