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AC60-380V 3 x 7-Segment Voltmeter D22mm

AC60-380V 3 x 7-Segment Voltmeter D22mm

Panel Mount Analog Meter

Panel Mount Analog Meter
From R84,18

PCB Ruler for Electronic Engineers/Geeks/Makers/Arduino Fans

The first time you soldered up a surface mount component you may have been surprised "these are real...
From R27,02

Pocket size Digital PH Meter

Pocket size Digital PH Meter

RTL-SDR with RTL2832U and R820T Tuner Receiver

DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U can be used as a cheap SDR, since the chip allows transf...

Thermostat +Temperature Sensor

This  mini Temperature Controller is an excellent and convenient multifunction device for controllin...
From R258,75

USB Charger Doctor - In-line Voltage and Current Meter

Help! This patient is heating up! Is the voltage too low? Is the current draw too high? Is there a d...

Anti-Static ESD-Safe Bag

Shielding bags are designed to protect ESD sensitive components and assemblies from all harmful aspe...
From R1,38
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